Detox your body – The Pros and Cons of a body detoxification for health

The Pros and Cons of Body Detoxification

Have you heard that a body detox, also known as a cleanse, has a number of health benefits? If so, you may be ready to detox your body. Before doing so, it is important to truly know what you are getting into. That is why you should first know the pros and cons of body detoxification.
detox your body

The Pros

Detox removes toxins from your body. The goal of a detox diet or cleanse is to expel unnatural toxins from your body. These toxins can come from foods, the environment, even contaminated drinking water. After a detox, your body may feel as if it is “new.”

Your options

Due to late night infomercials, many mistakenly believe that youdetox your body need to buy a detox pill or foot patch. Yes, these items can help you, but they are not required. There are more natural ways for you to cleanse your body. Consuming organic only foods, exercising, increasing your water intake and your fiber intake can help to improve your body. Water fasting, juice fasting, and the Master Cleanse are other popular detox diets.


As previously stated, you do not need to buy pills or other over-the-counter products to detox. If you opt for a water fast, you can use your tap water. In terms of detox products, read reviews to find a product that works and then compare prices online. For organic, all-natural foods, look for the best deals, as well as money saving coupons. Shortly I will put some within the products page for quick access

It is relatively easy

Body detoxification is a lot easier than many individuals first anticipate. The good news is that you can choose the process. Water fasting may produce the best result, but you may find the lack of foods to be difficult or even painful. In that case, the switch to organic foods with water and fiber can help you detox your body with ease and comfort.

Weight loss

Body detoxification and cleansing is not considered a weight loss plan, but it typically results in weight loss. This is common when you eliminate unnatural foods from your diet, which are often high in sugar, sodium, calories, and fat. If your main goal is to lose weight, a detox diet is not recommended. On the other hand, if you want to improve your overall health, you can benefit from it.

Increased energy

There is some debate as to whether or not if you detoxyfying your body improves energy, but many claim it does. In fact, people who have successfully completed a detox diet were pleased with the results. When toxins build up inside the human body, it impacts the body and its internal organs in many ways.

The Cons

Yes, a detox diet has many benefits, but there are many risks involved. For that reason, you should consult with a healthcare professional before starting a strenuous detox diet, such as the Mater Cleanse or a water fast. In keeping with the dangers, you can easily negate this con by listening to your body. If on a water fast and you start vomiting or fainting, it may be time to stop. Your body is signaling to you that it needs food. Many experts recommend cleansing the body for at least two weeks, but some cannot do so. Even if you water fast for three days, you should still see and feel many benefits.

detox your body

What Is The Detox Diet?

At one time, many believed that detoxification was only used to help those dependent on drugs and alcohol overcome their addiction. Detoxification is still used for these purposes; however, many are now using detoxification to improve their health. One of the ways this is done is with the detox diet.

Those interested in cleaning the body from potentially harmful chemicals and toxins want a step-by-step plan for the detox diet. Yes, these plans are available, but you will find some variances. Why? Because the detox diet comes in a number of different formats. In fact, perform a standard internet search with the phrase “detox diet,” and you will find many different plans. So, which is best for you? In all honesty, it depends on your own personal preferences.

When choosing a detox diet plan, it is important to remember the goal of detoxification. That goal is to expel and rid the body of potentially harmful toxins. Even if you do not consume alcohol or use drugs, it is possible for these toxins and chemicals to make their way into our bodies. In fact, recent studies have shown that there is a lot more than fluoride in some of our drinking waters.

Since the main goal of detoxification is to detox (cleanse) your body and make it pure again, it is important to choose your foods wisely. First, examine the potentially harmful foods and drinks you are putting into your body. Are you a coffee or soda drinker? If so, caffeine is okay, but only in moderation. At the same time, caffeine is not something our body needs. For that reason, those looking to take a detox diet are encouraged to eliminate coffee or soda from their diet, even if just for the length of the diet.

In addition to being dependent on caffeine, many coffee and soda drinks need the taste. This is common when flavored soda or coffee is consumed. To ease the transition, consume all-natural juice. In fact, if you have a juice maker, you could easily make your own 100% all-natural juice. Yes, water is best, but if you find yourself craving something with flavor, juice may be the perfect substitute.

To eliminate toxins from the body, they must be expelled. That is why foods that are high in fiber are recommended. A diet that contains fiber foods can help to regulate your digestive system. Essentially, this means that you will make regular, although not excessive, trips to the bathroom. In addition to fiber, water can help you flush your body.

As previously stated, many of the foods we consumed are ridden with additives and chemicals. Although small in size and generally safe, these are things are bodies are not used to and do not need to survive. That is why a detox diet calls for the elimination of them. One of the best ways to detox your body with a detox diet is to eliminate foods that contain these added chemicals and additives. Online, you will see that many detox plans call for organic foods.detox your body

Organic foods are a great way to detoxify your body, but what if you are on a budget? It is no secret that organic foods cost more. Examine your local grocery stores or all-natural food stores for sales. In addition to boxed organic foods, such as cereals or peanut butter, remember fruits and vegetables. You may find these organic prices to be cheaper. Plus, fruits and vegetables have their own health benefits.

As for the length of a detox diet, you will find some variances. Some diets last as few as three days, while others can go for two weeks or more. In most cases, seven to ten days is recommended, but you will want to listen to your body. If a detox diet is too much for your body to handle, listen the warning signs and start incorporating your “traditional,” food back into your diet. However, there many benefits to keeping components of a detox diet with you, such as the elimination of caffeine or the consumption of organic foods.

Preparing For a Body Detox

Are you ready to detox your body? If this is your first time doing so, you may be wondering what you need to do prepare. Continue reading on to find out.

Research your detox diet options. Yes, you may have already done this, but do it again. To have a successful detoxification, you need to choose the right method. For example, water fasting works for some, but you may find it too difficult to go a week without solid foods. Do not try a popular detox that you know you cannot stick to. Instead, find the plan that works best for you.

Speak to your doctor. Although many people start a body detox at home without first consulting with their doctor, you are advised to do so. This is particularly true if you suffer from medical conditions, such as thyroid problems, obesity, or diabetes. In many cases, your doctor will develop a plan for you to safely detox, but it may not involve the plan you had selected. You may not even need to schedule an appointment, as your doctor may be able to provide you with a quick, over-the-phone consultation.

detox your body

Start weaning yourself off of your “must haves.” Do you need to have a glass of soda every day, a couple of cigarettes throughout the day, or two cups of coffee in the morning? These items will be eliminated from your diet while on a detox. Unfortunately, many people have become dependent on caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes. If you are one of those individuals, you may suffer from withdrawal. To lessen the impact, start weaning yourself from these items. For example, do you drink three cups of coffee a day? If so, start with 2 ½ cups and slowly work your way down. Start this process at least a week before you intend to detox.

Begin to buy supplies

Regardless of how you intend to detoxify your body, you will need to buy supplies. The only exception is water fasting and if you intend to use tap water. If you opt for the Master Cleanse, your shopping list will include fresh lemons or limes, cayenne pepper, grade b maple syrup, natural salt, and senna tea. If you opt for a juice fast, your list may include all-natural juices or a juicer and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Create a goal plan – Detox your body

You may already have a main goal in mind for detoxing your body, such as removing stored toxins and waste from your body or losing weight, but create more detailed goals. For example, are you on the Master Cleanse? How long do you intend to detox? Although 10 days is recommended, some aim for more or less. Determine exactly how long you want to detox. detox your body

Create a list of distractions. Similar to creating a goal plan, you need to develop a plan to overcome the urge to quit. If you are on the Master Cleanse, water fasting, or juice fasting, you will likely experience severe to moderate hunger pains. After all, who wouldn’t after a week of no food? Many are able to overcome the side effects of a strenuous detox, but you may need some help. Create a plan ahead of time, such as having your favorite movies on hand, extra spending money for a shopping trip, and so forth.

Finally, make sure you have support. A body detox with the use of fasting can be difficult on your physical body, as well as your emotions. If you do not have a strong support system at home, turn to the internet. Suggestions, support, and advice from others can go a long way.

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